Lockdown garden gallery - May 2020

In the absence of garden visits in person, we are now sharing some pictures from our own members.  We feature several gardens below but PLEASE DO SEND YOUR OWN IN to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Click on a photo to see full size.  Once you have opened the first one in full size, you can scroll through the rest directly using the right hand arrow located half way down the page on the right hand side.


Now onto garden photos 

1. First we have Anne G's garden with some lovely plants.


2. Next we have some photos from Diane P who often opens for our Bookham Open Gardens event.  She and Steve specialise in gardening for wildlife, choosing plants which are good for our pollinators, allowing some grass to grow long with native wildflowers, and providing several ponds too.  Included are pictures of some of the visitors.


3. Esther P also gardens for wildlife and has many edible, herbal and medicinal plants.  She has opened for SCG and also for Bookham Open Gardens.


4.  Iris H has sent us a picture of a recent visitor to her garden.  Alongside is one of the lovely sculptures at Ramster Garden near Chiddingfold.  It is now open again! 


5.  Janet S's garden is looking beautiful at the moment.


6. Sarah W hasn't been able to open for NGS yet but let's hope we will be able to visit in the not too distant, now that restrictions are easing.