Lockdown garden gallery - June 2020

In the absence of garden visits in person, we are now sharing some pictures from our own members.  We feature several gardens below but PLEASE DO SEND YOUR OWN IN to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Click on a photo to see full size.  Once you have opened the first one in full size, you can scroll through the rest directly using the right hand arrow located half way down the page on the right hand side.


Now onto garden photos 

1. First we have another great selection from Anne G's garden


2.  Next we have a couple of photos from Iris H.  She tells us that the geraniums in her unheated sunroom have withstood temperatures from 27-100 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 to 38 degrees Celsius)!  The other photo shows the result (?benefit) of not mowing the lawn during May's heatwave!


3.  Janet S has sent us another lovely selection from her garden.  


4.  Mary C provided some photos back in April but found some more; also selections from May and June.





5. Sarah W is opening her garden for us on the 14th July and here's a taster of what you might see.