Lockdown garden gallery - April 2020

In April we're usually looking forward to garden visits, either independently or with groups.  Sadly it is not to be for some time, so we are grateful to the NGS for organising some virtual garden tours.  Closer to home we have a tour from our own Sarah Wilson in place of her cancelled Easter opening.  What we now want to do is share some pictures from our own members.  We feature 5 gardens below but PLEASE DO SEND YOUR OWN IN to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Click on a photo to see full size.  Once you have opened the first one in full size, you can scroll through the rest directly using the right hand arrow located half way down the page on the right hand side.

First of all, a message from Anthea Sokell.  She is offering some members a seedling from her beautiful Crab apple tree – the seed for her Malus hupehensis came in a batch from the RHS, in their seed exchange of the winter of 1986/87. She sowed the seed in April 1987 but only one seed had germinated by the October which she planted and has had in her garden ever since. It is now over 30 ft. high and has never been pruned and you can see it here.. Anthea has quite a lot of seedlings and if you would like one give her a call on 01372 452052 and she will put one aside for you.

Now onto garden photos 

1. First we have Anne G's garden with it's lovely tulips and Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum).


2. Next we have some photos from one of our members in Bookham who often opens for our Bookham Open Gardens event.  Another tulip lover!


3. Mary C, like Sarah, is a keen photographer and often sells greeting cards for charity featuring her photos.  Another Bookham Open Gardener.


4. Sue R is another Bookham Open Gardener


5. Finally for April, we head to Sylvia M's garden.